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TSD Tech Tips Home: CREATE!

Resources for Integrating Digital Tools and Devices

Let Students Show What They Know!

Dr. Wesley Fryer has developed a book and companion website to enable teachers and students to SHOW WHAT YOU KNOW WITH MEDIA! The goal of the website is to empower students to leverage technology to create demonstrations and models of what they are learning in your classroom! We want not only to encourage you to create materials for use in your instruction, but also encourage students to have a choice about ways they can demonstrate what they know and understand! The links below lead to Dr. Fryer's website and provide tutorials and tools for promoting digital media use in the classroom! And if you get a chance, check out his books!

SHOWME! (Dr. Wesley Fryer)

Video Examples

Creating Very Cool Hyperdocs!
Narrate a Slideshow with Animoto
Use Wixie! (K-5)
How to Podcast with a Chromebook
Sketch Anything with Sketchpad!
Green Screen with the iPad (DoInk)

Tuscarora Home Page

Destiny Library Card Catalog

Tuscarora Moodle